Who are we?

Dating online : meet and date free singles on the homosexual dating site!

homochat.org is a free dating site launched by ISN Services for singles who want date homosexual people in France and worldwide.
Find your soul mate, make new friends, or simply make a dial on the chat and discussion forums it is possible!

The Founder
Bachir EL HAGE: "After finishing my studies at Grenoble in France I returned to my country of birth, Lebanon, I knew the uses of dating sites but I'd never worked on until a big foreign site meetings, that homosexual used a lot, closed its doors and its services in Lebanon. I noticed a big concern from the homosexual about this problem and I realized later that no homosexual site offers honest services, they are also paying and offer services of very low quality!
In addition, the existing homosexual dating services are just a "copy/paste" from foreign dating services and cannot work in Lebanon, I know that the homosexual people are not yet completely acceting the dating websites and are not confident to them, the idea I got is to give them what fits their mentalities and their customs.

I decided to create a dating site for the homosexual people, according to their customs and meeting their expectations, free and dedicated only to serious people, this is not easy, but I fight as much as possible so that this site remains 'clean'."

How it works?
Operation is simple: you create your account, then you contact singles with whom you have an affinity or think to find love or just a friendly seeking. If you are a person who seeks true love of his life, a serious relationship, drag, seduction or simple friendship, this site is for you.

Remember that online dating is really 100% free so you have nothing to lose!

So add homochat.org to your favorites in order to return often and make new friends!

On the dating site homochat.org our Members register to find your soul mate, someone with whom to share life, a person to a dating site that will lead to a happy and fulfilled, even marriage sustainable, harmonious relationship .

Someone bothering you? harassing you ?
At homochat.org , we take customer complaints very seriously. To be more effective, we have developed a process for handling complaints which aims to ensure that the comments of our members are taken into account and contribute to the improvement of our services .

And if I can not find ?
The free dating site homochat.org is an effective way to make beautiful serious knowledge on the internet. With a strong membership growth, you will probably find that or the one with whom you can share everything. In addition, this site is totally free and serious, it offers the messaging services to all members. To attract attention to your profile, you can even record audio and video ad. We offer dating services free online such as instant messaging, winks, extended search, personal profiles and much more! If you aspire to establish reliable relationships if you want to find friendship, love, marriage and romance with new serious people on the internet or simply dispel your boredom and be imbued, cheerful homochat.org is for you ! Enjoy the best service to meet France, France, and around the world online and find the man or woman who matches your soul mate, friends, lovers, dating, love. It is fast and convenient ! You can get to know and meeting new people every day and at any time on our website! You can find large amount of serious singles of all countries of the world . There are thousands of interesting people for meetings, which will look and have the same goal as you on the internet : find love, seriousness, romance, friendship or marriage !
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